Beneath the Waves

Alejandro gonzalez frame 01
Alejandro gonzalez frame 02
Alejandro gonzalez frame 03
Alejandro gonzalez frame 04

Water texture by Kikariz-Stock

Submission for the Beneath the Waves Challenge. My story is this marine advanced civilization sends a scout to find more natural resources areas, but finds and awakens an ancient predator. In a daring escape from it's massive jaws, the scout ship carelessly leads the beast back to the city. Attack ships are scrambled to intercept and attempt to stop the creature from destroying their homeland.

I started with sketches, very rough. Once I was satisfied with the thumbnails, I started modeling assets with zbrush, textured in 3dcoat and rendered in either cinema 4d or keyshot. Then brought them into photoshop for the paintovers. I did all the 3d work first to get it out the way. And just focused on painting the 4 frames afterwards. Before painting I would do a quick value study to nail down the comp and lighting.

Architecture for buildings I was thinking about water caustics. Wanted the buildings and ships to have an organic smooth quality.